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The Alleman Group is not like other organizations. Have you heard these statements?
FICTION: We offer protected territories.
FACT: Protected territories only exists against others in the same company. McDonalds cannot stop Burger King from setting up shop next door.
FACT: A potential client receives multiple mailings and multiple phone calls if they fit the marketing criteria. The lead is potential for the sale, but not THE sale.
FACT: A commission contract should have respect for the agent base and reward actual results. Remember that without results in $$$ agreements in %%% don't matter.
The Alleman Group believes in leading from the front in caring about the people that have asked us to serve their needs in the Mortgage Protection, Final Expense, Life Insurance, and Annuities Market.
We expect a high level of integrity and a commitment to on-going support make a big difference in this world.
As a Life Insurance Agent with us you will:
Acquire new clients through our lead program and/or referral marketing
Identify needs and provide solutions for clients through insurance and fixed annuities
commit to reviewing clients on an annual basis
Stay up to date with new products and meet state licensing requirements
We are seeking both Part-Time and Full-Time agents. This is a commission only position.
We believe in serving our clients, our community and our agents and are committed to helping others experience the grace we have experienced in this business.
The Alleman Group provides a wealth of training from product specific topics to sales skills sharpening. The vehicle for achievement is here if you are the right driver.
To Earn Commissions requires a valid State Life Insurance License.

About The Alleman Group
The Alleman Group is an independent group of agents specializing in the individual consumer market. We serve clients in the middle to lower income areas that are traditionally neglected in options to protecting their families and their legacies. The Alleman Group Is committed to providing excellent services to our clients and our agents. As we are expanding our network of agents and extending our services to every major city in the US. We are headquartered in Nassau Bay, TX. While our neighbors at NASA are known for "Houston, we have a problem", we are known for finding solutions to problems. - Free Classified Ads in US on Craigslist